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Films I Wrote & Directed



Feature film, 2015

Written & directed by Aaron Wertheimer

Produced by Min Soo Elle Kim, Rachel Whelan

Starring Kenny Zimlinghaus, Aaron Wertheimer

Apostrophe Ron / Kozak Films

With no job prospects and an angry new landlord demanding rent, things are looking bleak for best friends Carl and Larry, until a charismatic stranger comes up with a plan to solve their financial woes. The brilliant idea? Fight each other in a boxing match so they both get paid. But will battling in the ring drive a wedge between best friends? Unique characters, sharp dialogue and a distinct brand of humor may split a crowd, or cause you to split your sides in laughter.

Best Comedy Feature, 2015 Manhattan Film Festival

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Skippers Poster CR.jpg


Feature film, 2018

Written, directed & produced by Aaron Wertheimer

Produced by Alan LaFave

Starring Chris Roberti, Kenny Zimlinghaus, Kate Villanova

Apostrophe Ron / Atlas Industries / Cow Lamp Films

A mysterious drifter breathes new life into a small town by teaching the Zen of stone skipping. But when he gets too close to the sister of a powerful local, stones might not be the only thing sinking in the river.

Best Feature, 2018 Adirondack Film Festival

Best Feature, 2018 Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival

Best of Fest, 2019 Benton Park Film Festival

Best Screenplay, 2019 Benton Park Film Festival

Best Feature (Nominee), 2018 Windy City Int'l Film Festival

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LTOAN Poster 2x3 FINAL.jpg
Not If I Prelim Image 2.jpg

Not If I See You First

Feature film, currently in post-production

Written & directed by Aaron Wertheimer

Produced by Andre Fonseca

Starring Kenny Zimlinghaus, Aaron Wertheimer, Johanna Wertheimer, Leslie Crum, Elizabeth Stam

Apostrophe Ron / J3 Films / Lucidreams Ltd

In town for work, Kenny meets Aaron, who convinces him to extend his trip a few days to check out the famous sights of Chicago. But when Kenny's car explodes and Aaron gets selective amnesia, will their fledgling friendship lose its way? 

Limited Time Offer Act Now

Short film, 2020

Written & directed by Aaron Wertheimer

Produced by Josh Itzkowitz

Starring Mike Jimerson, Shadee Vossoughi

Apostrophe Ron / Swantel

Charles Henderson is an average everyday guy living in the suburbs. After receiving an urgent piece of mail, he realizes his life may not be quite what it seems, and embarks on a desperate search to uncover his true reality. Filled with intense acting, heart-pounding music and mind-boggling camerawork, this high-octane thriller-comedy promises to keep you glued to your seat all the way through to its shocking ending.

Best Lead Actor, 2021 Trapped Film Festival

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Things I Produced

Relative Poster 9-12-22.jpg


Feature film, 2022

Written & directed by Michael Glover Smith

Produced by Clare Cooney, Aaron Wertheimer

Starring Wendy Robie, Francis Guinan, Cameron Scott Roberts

Music Box Films / Chicago Film Project

As members of the Frank family come together for a college graduation party in Chicago, they find their bonds being tested – and strengthened – in surprising ways.

Best Narrative Feature, 2022 Buffalo International Film Festival

Best Narrative Feature, 2022 Full Bloom Film Festival

Best Ensemble, 2022 Festival of Cinema NYC

Best Performance, 2022 Gasparilla Int'l Film Festival

Best Actor, 2022 Midwest Film Festival

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Short film, 2022

Written & directed by Marcel Simoneau

Produced by Marcel Simoneau, Aaron Wertheimer

Starring Marcel Simoneau, Akira Simoneau

Fedorasouth Films / Productions du Coin

World premiere, 2022 Chelsea Film Festival

Film Shortage Daily Pick

Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 3.15.51 PM.png

Great Lanes

Series pilot, 2023

Created & hosted by Kenny Zimlinghaus

Directed & produced by Aaron Wertheimer

Chicken Dust Productions

A series celebrating the wonderful world of open leisure bowling. Pilot episode currently in post-production.

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 11.38.43 AM.png

Lucy is a Loser

Feature film, shooting in the summer of 2024

Written & directed by Wendy Jo Carlton

Co-producer: Daniel Kullman

Associate producer: Aaron Wertheimer

Lucy Gatlin is a 36-year-old queer musician living in a friend’s garage after drinking herself out of a famous band. She must return to her hometown to see what her beloved Aunt left her in a will while facing old demons, avoiding ex-lovers, and trying to stay sober.

A Chicago International Film Festival CIX: Lab Project

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