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Hello, I am Aaron, a writer and filmmaker based in Skokie, Illinois, where I live with my wife and two kids. You can call me 'Ron for short. 


I grew up in Calgary and then Chicago, and lived in Brooklyn for a decade. Yes, I do have dual citizenship. That is just one of the interesting facts you will learn about me on this bio page. 

My first feature film, the offbeat indie comedy Wedgerino, was shot in Brooklyn and completed in 2015. It is available on Prime Video, Tubi, Apple TV, DVD, and more.


My second feature, Skippers, was shot in Michigan and completed in 2018. It won Best Feature Film at three fests, including the Adirondack Film Festival. It is available on Prime Video, Freevee, Vudu, Tubi, DVD, and elsewhere.

An extreme close up of my face.

I'm in post-production on my third feature, Not If I See You First, which was shot in Skokie in the summer of 2023.

I produced Michael Glover Smith's 2022 feature film Relative (starring Wendy Robie of Twin Peaks) and Kenny Zimlinghaus's upcoming bowling docuseries pilot Great Lanes

As a freelance writer and video editor, my clients include Disney, Amazon Studios, Sony Pictures, United Artists, Universal Music, Walmart, Stanford University, and Playtika. 

Favorite sport: BasketballFavorite film of all time: That is a tough question. Here are some lists I made on LetterboxdOther things I'm into: record collecting, bike riding, pickleball.


In closing, I'd like to say, follow me on Spotify

Photo credit: Marc Grey

Film Highlights If Anyone Cares




















The Bantis (30 min.) | First film, made with my friend Jon and other high school friends, heavily influenced by films like Shaft and Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry. Can only be found on VHS tape.

Johnny Performer (2 min.) and Parkin' (5 min.) | Made these films on actual 16mm film while at Columbia College Chicago.

The Warrior (25 min.) | Shot on video in Chicago, starring my friend Jon and my future wife, as Tommy Wiseau would say.

Always, My Brother: The Heist - Eddie Lives (Slow Burn) (14 min.) | A heist film about the up and down relationship of a pair of twins, made with Anthony in Brooklyn. The sequel to 2002's Always, My Brother.

Laser Vision Theater | Monthly variety show on Brooklyn Cable Access TV by Anthony and I. We made 8 episodes.

Pedro Garcia (1 min.) | Animation made with Josh S., premiered at Animation Block Party in Brooklyn.

The Dream Films | Miscellaneous 2-minute short comedies made with Kenny and Anthony all over NYC. Many of these screened at the comedy club Rififi on the Lower East Side.

Respec' (2 min.) | A mind-bending thriller by Joey and I.

Wedgerino (77 min.) | My first feature, a comedy filmed in Brooklyn and Queens, starring Kenny, me, and Anthony.

I Wanna Be In All Your Movies (15 min.) | A short documentary by Josh Freed about the making of Wedgerino and my relationship with Joey.

Avenues (76 min.) | Feature film written & directed by Michael Angarano, starring Angarano, Nicholas Braun, Ari Graynor and Juno Temple that I assistant directed.

Skippers (71 min.) | My second feature, a comedy filmed in Bay City, MI, starring Chris and Kenny, edited by Anthony. 

Limited Time Offer Act Now (8 min.) | High-octane psychological thriller influenced by Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher.

Relative (97 min.) | Feature film written & directed by Michael Glover Smith, starring Wendy Robie, that I produced.

Hologramme | Short film set in Quebec in 1988, written, directed by, and starring Marcel Simoneau, that I produced.

Great Lanes (15 min.) | Pilot episode for bowling docuseries hosted by Kenny Zimlinghaus that I produced and directed.

Not If I See You First | My third feature, a comedy filmed in Skokie, IL, starring Kenny, me, Joey, and Crum.

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