Hello, I am Aaron, a writer and filmmaker based in Skokie, Illinois, where I live with my wife and two kids. Some call me 'Ron for short. 


I grew up in Calgary and then Chicago, and lived in Brooklyn for a decade. Yes, I do have dual citizenship. That is just one of the interesting facts you will learn about me on this bio page. 

My first feature film, the offbeat indie comedy Wedgerino, was shot in Brooklyn and completed in 2015. An official selection of six festivals in North America, it is now available on Amazon Prime and DVD.


My second feature, Skippers, was shot in Michigan and completed in 2018. An official selection of 10 festivals, it won Best Feature Film at three fests, including the Adirondack Film Festival. It is now available on Amazon Prime, Vudu, Tubi, and DVD.

An extreme close up of my face.

I recently completed the 8-minute short film Limited Time Offer Act Now, a high-octane thriller-comedy shot here in the Chicago area. It is now being submitted to festivals.

I have also worked on a variety of projects in film and TV. Among other endeavors, I was a production coordinator at the TV channel Viceland, assistant director on actor Michael Angarano's directorial debut Avenues, edited Beverly Siegel's short documentary Driving West Rogers Park, and have been editing promotional videos for Stanford University.

I was the assistant editor and a columnist for the Chicago Jewish Star newspaper for seven years, until it folded in 2018. Now I write obituaries and other articles for the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle.

Favorite sport: BasketballFavorite film of all time: That is a really tough question. Here is my top fourteen.

Other things I am into these days: record collecting, bike riding, playing softball, mowing the lawn (weather permitting).


That's mostly it. In closing, I'd like to say, if you like R&B and hip hop, follow me on Spotify.

aaronwertheimer.com  |  aaronmilan@gmail.com

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