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Skippers-Wedgerino DVD Cover.jpg

Skippers and Wedgerino are now available on a special edition double feature DVD. That is TWO comedies conveniently located on ONE DVD!!! Not to mention the Free bonus features such as The Making of Wedgerino (and Free shipping). 

In this age of digital everything, owning a DVD, record, book, is a beautiful thing. I hope you can enjoy this tangible object. Display proudly, watch occasionally. Buy today.

If you don't want to purchase at a discounted price from my website, you can also buy the DVD on Amazon or Questar for more money. Or you can take it out at the Skokie Public Library, which incidentally is an awesome library. Libraries are great in general. People say video stores are dead but the library is like a giant video store where everything is free.

Free shipping!

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