I really like the absurdist humor, but also found it very cinematic... 

making fun of the "psychological-thriller/horror" genre, but also taking it seriously.

- Yedidya Gorsetman (director, Empathy Inc.)

2019 / Color / USA / 8 minutes

Limited Time Offer Act Now is a high-octane thriller-comedy short film shot in Skokie, Evanston, and Chicago, Illinois, in the spring of 2019, and completed that summer. It is currently being submitted to festivals.


After receiving a time-sensitive piece of mail, Charles Henderson realizes his life may not be quite what it seems, and embarks on a desperate search to uncover his true reality.

Cast & Crew


Mike Jimerson

Shadee Vossoughi

Ray Hui

Written, directed & edited by

Aaron Wertheimer

Produced by

Josh Itzkowitz

Director of photography

Curtis Matzke

Music & sound design

Omri Anghel


Matthew Filipek

aaronwertheimer.com  |  aaronmilan@gmail.com

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